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Our mission is clear: connect women who want functional pockets in their clothes to brands who make them. To be included on the list, the manufacturer must typically include pockets in their designs, or be a retailer with a section for stuff with pockets.


See one missing from our list? Send it to us here:

Custom made women's clothing, so many with pockets! And so reasonably priced!

Clothing made by women who have escaped from, or are at high risk of, human trafficking. Their Punjammies are comfy and include pockets.

Has a section just for clothes with pockets under the "Now Trending" section

Plus size clothing. Lots of dresses with pockets.

Has an entire section for dresses with pockets, and this link will take you right to it.

Bridesmaids dresses with pockets! This link is just for those.

Listings that link directly to affiliate retailers. Seems to be predominantly UK. Some really great stuff.

Size inclusive activewear featured on Project Runway. Leggings with pockets!

Poche Posh

Everything these ladies sell has pockets. Everything!

STEM themed dresses and skirts and almost everything has huge pockets - and supremely reasonable prices!

Gorgeous geek-bound apparel - pockets in dresses, pockets in capes, pockets in long cardigans!

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