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Women Want Pockets

Women want pockets.

For whatever reason (politics? profit? laziness? aesthetics?), much of women’s clothing just does not include functional pockets (i.e. a pocket big enough to hold your stuff). We get pockets sometimes. Sometimes they are just big enough for a lip gloss or a quarter (maybe a holdover from the time of payphones). And get this, sometimes THEY ARE FAKE. Just stitched outlines of pockets meant to mock and destroy our hopes. I hope that if you were somehow in the dark on this until now, that I have scandalized you. It’s a scandal.

Much has been written in the past few years about this. Let me add my voice to the chorus. I want pockets. I want pockets for my huge, indispensable smartphone. This thing is my phone, my connection to everyone, my camera, my datebook, my research assistant, my newspaper, my radio, my music collection, my personal notebook, my filing cabinet, my library…and it should fit in my pocket as well as my husband’s fits in his. I want pockets for my other night out essentials: my ID, my credit card, my key.

I’m not a purse girl. I shouldn’t have to explain that in relation to my desire for pockets, but it always seems to come up. Someone always hits back with “yeah, but girls get purses” like it’s somehow supposed to invalidate my wish for pockets. As if pockets would be an embarrassment of riches to someone who can also carry a bag. As if I don’t deserve them. To these people I say this: I want pockets.

It’s time for us to organize and provide a resource to all women who desire pockets. Have you found a designer you love who gives you the pockets you desire? Tell me, I’d love to add them to the list. And I’d love to try them myself!

PLEASE NOTE: I have not been paid by any company on this list for inclusion

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